• Who offers Promogaming®?

    From time to time retailers decide to give their customers a chance to win the refund of their order by playing a game. This is a change from traditional discounts and chances to win are huge!

  • How can I take advantage of a Promogaming® offer?

    By making a purchase on a retailer’s website, or in a shop, that is running a Promogaming® offer. You can sign up to our newsletter to keep track of the latest offers.

  • What are the conditions of participation?

    Usually a purchase within the promotional period is enough to participate. However, some retailers may require a purchase of a minimum value, a particular type of product or service, a particular method of payment…

    For all Promogaming® operations, the conditions of participation are made available to consumers, you’ll find them together with the information about the promotion.

  • What can I expect to win?

    Usually, you’ll receive a cash payment of the amount of your winnings. This could be the amount of your shopping basket, eligible products in your basket, a part of your basket/eligible products, or several times the value of your basket/eligible products. Some retailers sometimes include prizes into the game like phones, tablets…

  • When will I be able to play? Before or after my purchase?

    Your game will be systematically offered to you after your purchase. For Promogaming® offers linked to online purchases, your game will almost always be accessible directly from your order confirmation page on the retailer’s website. For Promogaming® campaigns in shops, you will either receive an email within minutes of your purchase, or you can go to the dedicated web page where you can use a unique code to access your game.

  • What happens if I edit or cancel my order after winning?

    That depends on the participation conditions defined by the retailer. However, you should know that in the majority of cases, a cancelled order will cancel your participation in the game and therefore your potential winnings. In general, an alteration to you order will result in an alteration to the amount of your winnings.

  • How long will it take to be paid after winning the game?

    The time taken to refund your order is at the retailer’s discretion, some retailers require a 30 day period and cannot pay winnings before this period has expired, others require 100 days and others are happy with the legal period of 14 days. You will find the information in the terms and conditions of participation made available to you by the retailer as well as in the email that was sent to you in the minutes following the game if you won.

  • How can I get a confirmation of my prize?

    Once you’ve won, a prize confirmation email will be sent to you. It includes your prize value or your consolation prize that you are entitled to and explains how to claim it.